Natural Environments, Inc.
... a design and construction company
in Mariposa, CA.

Commercial Projects

Mariposa County Courthouse Restoration
“We’ve been extremely pleased with the professional attitudes and workmanship of
Natural Environments, especially on the historic renovation of our County Courthouse…”

Mike Edwards, Interim Director, Mariposa County Dept. of Public Works

Charles Street Plaza
“Charles St. Plaza is located in an historic area, and for that reason it was necessary
to comply with 19th Century mode and 20th Century code. Natural Environments was required
to do a balancing act in order to satisfy the requirements of both the Planning and Building
Departments. This was done with skill and diplomacy, and the final product is one which
pleases both Wachs Realty Company and the Mariposa Community.”

Richard Wachs, Wachs Realty Company

Other Commercial Projects

Probation Department

Counseling Center

Natural Environments, Inc.
P.O. Box 1938
5043 Darrah Road, Suite A
Mariposa, CA 95338