Letters to you from our friends

"My wife and I wanted to relocate from the city to Mariposa and when we interviewed David we found what we thought to be a confident, experienced and sincere builder. This project was very important to us in that we intend for this home to be our last. Our impressions were more than just correct. David, his staff and his construction workers not only built a wonderful home for us, they had their whole hearts in it while they did their work. I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of days at the house while it was being constructed and the people were always accepting of our changes and in fact numerous times suggested changes themselves, always to make things better. Building a house can be a stressful event and there were those days, but David and his people always had a smile on their face and always had the patience and a way to get through the dilemmas. We are also very pleased on how they stand by their work. David's warranty was sealed with a handshake; not common anymore and a little scary when you're building a house. But he didn't let us down and I know that if i picked up the phone today and reported a problem to him that he would bake sure that it was corrected. In the end, we got much more than the house that was on paper; we got a beautiful home and many new friends. Thank you David, Jeanie, Bernie, Jeremiah, Brian, Mike and the rest of the crew"

- J. & M. S.

"We have been in our house for three and a half years now, and it seems very appropriate for us to give our feedback. We Love It. I hope that you know that we recommend you highly as a builder. You and your staff are a pleasure to work with. Along that line, we would emphasize your building know-how, your professionalism, the quality you demand, and honesty.
While our home was under construction we noted the quality of building products used and the care that your people took to do things as we wanted them done with no cost cutting short cuts to diminish our home's quality. Guests have admired both the interior and exterior and asked, "Who is your builder?" In the process, we have discovered that you have built for a number of our friends. All have concurred that your work is quality construction and, along with us, they consider you and Natural Environments an asset to the community.
Please feel free to share our comments with clients seeking a builder; and, we are happy to share our experiences if they would like to call us. We feel that the Mariposa community is enriched by your quality workmanship. Best Regards,"

- R. S. & S. M.

"I am a good judge of character, from the first day I met Dave Wise, I knew he was for real. Dave, Bernie and their crew are very capable. It took a short time for them to grasp the idea of what we wanted. We wanted the remodeling of our home not to look like it was a remodel! They pulled it off very well.
Dave met the dates for start and completion at the price specified in our contract. We also had extra work done at a very reasonable price. We were also very impressed with the subcontractors Dave used. Though probably not the cheapest contractor you could find, Dave is certainly the best in our opinion. We would recommend Natural Environments to anyone interested in a quality job."

- D. & S. W.

"We’re really enjoying the house and especially appreciate the care and craftsmanship that went into its construction. We’re pleased we selected Natural Environments. The quality of your staff and crew, as well as your subs, has been impressive, and you’ve all been great to work with. Our lovely home is a constant reminder of each of you and your professionalism, expertise, and best of all your down home goodness to us. A most heartfelt thanks!"

- L. & L. M.

"There are a lot of encomiums one could use in regard to David Wise and the folks at Natural Environments: friendly, helpful, responsive, capable, imaginative, punctual, neat financially realistic and flexible. But after nine years and five major projects, we feel that the bottom line is they do the highest quality of work with skilled craftsmen at the job, with equally skilled personnel in the office, and David to strawboss both aspects. That’s a tough combination to beat!"

- M. & B. B.

"After purchasing our house in Mariposa, we decided on an extensive remodel inside and outside of the house. We interviewed many contractors and decided on David Wise, who came up with many innovative ideas, which helped us to achieve our goal with substantial savings. We will never regret our choice of Natural Environments. The project was planned in such a way as to create the least possible inconvenience to our daily routine, as the work was done while we stayed in the house. We were in constant contact with the Natural Environments crew, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, for almost 2 months, and we found them very professional and courteous. The job was finished on time and was perfect to the smallest detail. After a year, we have yet to find a flaw in the workmanship. We would proudly recommend Natural Environments for any construction job without hesitation."

- S. & E. M.

"When we were looking for remodeling for our home, we got three estimates. Natural Environments was in the middle, considerably lower than the highest bidder, plus they took care of everything, including the dumpster and clean-up. At no time were we ever inconvenienced by the project or crew. They always had everything cleaned up in the evenings when we got home. We highly recommend them to anyone."

- M. & K. W.

"Before beginning construction on our ‘dream home’ in Mariposa County we talked with many contractors, people in the business place, folks on the street and bank personnel before selecting Natural Environments. Their bid was not the cheapest, nor the highest, but we are so thankful that they were our choice. We found the crew to be courteous, highly skilled craftsmen, hard workers, who did not use abusive language, adhered to our changes of plans, and they took pride in their work and accomplishments. As a result, we have a home of the highest quality, strong construction, a home that we are indeed proud of. Natural Environments also follows through on any complaint you may have of work done by subcontractors during the construction. They make sure the problem has been solved to our satisfaction. We strongly recommend Natural Environments for any construction job, no matter how big or small. They are an honest and reputable establishment to do business with and they complete all commitments and agreements."

- R. & D. R.

"Having never had a new home built before, we were very excited, but we were subjected to horror stories about the problems encountered by people who have had homes built. Throughout the whole process, we found all these stories unfounded. From the very beginning when Ann was laying out the floor plan, David and the staff at Natural Environments were available with suggestions and assistance until the final design met our satisfaction. From the start of construction until completion, the only noticeable delays were due to weather. The coordination of material and manpower was excellent. Friends and neighbors who came to see the progress as it went along would make comments about the quality of the workmanship and how neat and clean the work areas were kept. One couple who had just had a home completed were impressed by things not included in their home such as additional fire block in walls and sheathing, felt and house wrap under the siding. Since moving in, we continue to receive compliments on the cabinets, outside deck, wood stove design and location and general all around utility of available living space. All in all, our home building experience, although somewhat stressful, was made much more pleasant because of David and the employees of Natural Environments."

- J. & A. S. of Cathey’s Valley

"We’ve been extremely pleased with the professional attitudes and workmanship of Natural Environments, especially on the historic renovation of our County Courthouse…"

- M. E., Interim Director, Mariposa County Dept. of Public Works

"Charles St. Plaza is located in an historic area, and for that reason it was necessary to comply with 19th Century mode and 20th Century code. Natural Environments was required to do a balancing act in order to satisfy the requirements of both the Planning and Building Departments. This was done with skill and diplomacy, and the final product is one which pleases both Wachs Realty Company and the Mariposa Community."

- R. W., Wachs Realty Company

"We are very impressed with the quality of Natural Environments employees. Everyone was great. We do love the quality of the house and like the fact that they come back and fixed things to our satisfaction after a year without our having to ask. We really appreciate David Wise’s cool, collected, respectful behavior when we wanted to make changes. The office help is excellent, which is good for the home owner due to rapid response time and consistency with follow-up of all our requests and phone messages. Some messages get recorded after hours and were always responded to right away. What I found in Natural Environments was a strong and high level of both ethical and moral behavior."

- A. & L. K.

"I’ve been doing business with Natural Environments for the past twelve years or so and have personally known David Wise for the past fifteen years. David has built two metal buildings for me, plus some remodeling on other buildings. The projects have always run smoothly and his company and his employees have the highest standards in workmanship and courtesy. His company has also had an account with my firm, Mid Cal Dist., for the past ten years. We’re a plumbing and electrical wholesale business located in Mariposa. It has been a pleasure doing business and working with Natural Environments, Dave and his staff these past years."

- J. B., Mid-Cal

"David is one of my favorite contractors to deal with. Every job always seems to go on schedule. He calls for a quote, we price the order and the job gets done, and done right. No problems!"

- D. M., Mariposa Glass

"I recently had a sunroom built by Natural Environments and I would like to share my extreme pleasure with the quality of their work and the personable contact with their entire staff. From our initial contract negotiations to the final product I felt they really wanted to satisfy me by going the extra mile to make everything right. I feel proud and confident in recommending their work to anyone."

- R. V. A.

"There are no words to express the sheer joy that we have in our new dream home that you built for us. The whole home building process was simply outstanding! Thank you.

Initially, you came highly recommended by our Realtor and several Mariposans. [Later on, we found out how highly acclaimed you are in the area.] You welcomed face-to-face, thorough discussion of our needs, and welcomed our idea to both visit several of your previous clients and to talk privately with them about their experiences with Natural Environments.

When we selected Natural Environments as our builder, you took our ideas from a magazine floor plan we liked [for a 4000 + sq. ft., two story house] and our wish list, and you transformed it into a plan and constructed drawings for a disabled-accessible, single story structure of around 2,000 sq. ft. And as we asked for, it doesn’t LOOK like a disabled person’s house!

Next, you were able to do all of this and work with us on materials, timing, and design [by a disabled engineer who knew what our needs were], and you did all of this within our budget constraints.

Then, you chose the very best and most artistic subcontractors to make our new home a reality. We particularly respect the quality and artistry of Larry Potter who did our cabinet work, and the Dobsons who did our bathroom tiling. You managed our project with your personal attention, having it completed pretty close to schedule and within budget. [We recognize that schedules are dependent on weather and on availability of construction workers and materials; and we also appreciate there were no ‘surprises’ on the budget.]

And last of all, you and your staff were there to help us with ‘shakedown’ items as we moved in, and afterwards! Your binder with warranties and maintenance information is very helpful. Susan — and later on Jeannie — and Bernie helped immensely to keep things on track. Everyone was most responsive to our every needs, and Bernie — especially — is a diamond in the rough!

We broke ground in September 1999, and moved in less than a year later, in July 2000! We couldn’t be prouder of our place and of the hard work of you and your team.

Please include us among your admirers. Also, please feel free to show our place to prospective clients and to use this letter as a testimonial of the quality of your work."

- M. & C. L.

"Carolyn and I have waited until now to write this letter of thanks because a part of any construction project’s success is the builder’s willingness to follow through on those things which inevitably break down or don’t work properly. We’ve been in our new home now since September, and as expected, some things did require your firm to return for correction and we could not be more pleased with your response.

As to the overall performance of Natural Environments staff and subcontractors, we are likewise satisfied customers. People like Bernie and Susan are an asset to you as I know you realize. They always, as did you, made us feel that you acted with our best interest in mind. As a former commercial interiors contractor I didn’t go into this project without some feel for what to expect. You met my expectations and I know that you sacrificed your own profit at times to assure our satisfaction.

If ever you wish to show our home to prospective clients, please feel free to do so. We are proud of our home in a great part because of the quality of work by Natural Environments."

- F. & C. S.

"I am a good judge of character, from the first day I met Dave Wise I knew he was for real. Dave, Bernie and their crew are very capable. It took a short time for them to grasp the idea of what we wanted. We wanted the remodeling of our home not to look like it was a remodel! They pulled it off very well.

Dave met the dates for start and completion at the price specified in our contract. We also had extra work done at a very reasonable price. We were also very impressed with the subcontractors Dave used. Though probably not the cheapest contractor you could find, Dave is certainly the best in our opinion. We would recommend Natural Environments to anyone interested in a quality job."

- D. & S. W.

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